Pacific Recycling, Inc. provides the public with the opportunity to recycle their own unwanted metal or metal waste collected from the community. Customers who bring their metals to PRI are paid at competitive prices. Individuals and companies who deliver scrap are paid based on type and quantity. Metals accepted at PRI include both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Ferrous metals range from bicycles, automobiles, and washing machines to heavy industrial equipment. Non-ferrous metal consists of copper, brass, radiators, aluminum, electric motors, stainless steel, etc.

Additional services include on-site loading/processing as well as drop box services. Customers who are unable to deliver their metal themselves can take advantage of these opportunities. PRI generally accepts on-site loading/processing jobs within a 300 mile radius, and distributes drop-boxes in a variety of sizes within a 120 mile radius. Once a customer fills their box with material, they simply call PRI’s offices to schedule a pick up or use our drop box dispatch form.